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Health & Wellness

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitative therapies assist people with functional limitations resulting from injury and progressive disease. Returning to “normal function” after an injury, or “maximum function” in the presence of progressive disease, is the goal of every patient interaction at Hot Springs Sports Medicine. Physical therapists employ a number of therapeutic agents.

  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Joint Mobilization/Manipulation
  • Pain-Relieving Modalities
  • Soft-Tissue Massage/Mobilization
  • Balance/Coordination Training
  • Aquatic-Based Therapy
  • Functional Skill Training
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Adaptive or Assistive Equipment

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Sports Therapy & Performance

Achieving optimum athletic performance after an injury is a delicate balance. Our team of therapists at Hot Springs Sports Medicine understands how to navigate an injured athlete through this process. Skill in promoting tissue healing that can withstand the aggressive stresses and strains of athletics, joined with restoring optimized strength, endurance, balance/coordination, and quickness, is key to successful Sports Injury rehabilitation.

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Work Injury Recovery & Prevention

On-the-Job injuries create significant loss for both the injured worker and their employer. A healthy, skilled worker is a valuable asset to any work environment. Hot Springs Sports Medicine’s team of therapists will get you back to work, helping you achieve your maximum work performance capacities. Along with helping you recover from your injury, you will receive instruction and training on how you can reduce your risk for re-injury by working “smarter”, not necessarily “harder”. Our approach normally incorporates the following progression:

  • Resolve the physiologic “injury” by enhancing and facilitating the healing process
  • Progressive Work Tolerance Conditioning specific to your work duties
  • Work Injury Prevention Training
  • After-Therapy Wellness

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Aquatic Therapy

Hot Springs Sports Medicine is one of the few rehabilitation clinics offering aquatic therapy in the Hot Springs area. In many cases, performing therapeutic activities in an aquatic environment is beneficial. Being in water facilitates ease of movement and reduces pain, in some instances allowing for performance of activities that are only possible in a reduced weight-bearing environment.

* Aquatic Therapy is currently only offered at the Hot Springs clinic location

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Health & Wellness

A balanced and consistent commitment to exercise is a proven part of a healthy lifestyle. Hot Springs Sports Medicine offers a number of services that promote health and wellness, whether you are a “graduate” of our therapy clinic in need of a supportive environment to continue your commitment to after-therapy exercise or a wellness enthusiast that needs a versatile exercise gym that is always accessible.

  • Gym Membership (24-hour access - Hot Springs location only)
  • Personal Trainer (upon request)
  • Silver Sneaker Program
  • Massage

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Expectations of Your First Appointment What to Wear and Bring with You Appointment Reminders

You will receive a call from our New Patient Intake Specialist to schedule your initial visit to our clinic. During this call we will set up your preferred method for appointment reminders. These reminders can be received either as text messages or emails.

Cancellation/Missed Visit Policy

If you are not able to attend a scheduled visit, please call the clinic 24 hours in advance, or as soon as possible. Failure to cancel an appointment will result in a $25.00 no-show fee.

Severe Weather Clinic Closure/Delayed Opening Policy

Severe weather conditions may trigger Hot Springs Sports Medicine clinics to operate on either a delayed opening/early closing schedule or to fully close for the day with no services provided.


Payment By Insurance

Hot Springs Sports Medicine accepts most major insurances. Check if your insurance provider is accepted by Hot Springs Sports Medicine by entering it in the box below.


Come prepared to make your insurance co-payment each appointment. The amount of your co-pay is set by your insurance company. By law, Hot Springs Sports Medicine may not waive collection of co-payments, but is allowed to defer payment for a “reasonable” duration. If you are not able to make your co-payment at the time of service, ask either our reception or checkout desk team member to set up terms for a deferred payment plan.

Payment Plans / Financial Assistance

Hot Springs Sports Medicine understands that the cost of health care can put a strain on our patient’s finances. We are willing to work with you to set up a payment option that works within your budget through Care Credit or United Medical.

Accepted Insurance Providers

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